Bridgeport Knife Co (BKC) was started because I, like many of you, are enthusiasts and often search for new interesting designs to check out. My goal here is to bring to market designs that I, as a fan of the hobby and member of this amazing community, will enjoy. Every one of my designs are purpose built and check all of the boxes that we look for.


Diving into the many different materials and trying different styles of knives is an addicting, but admittedly expensive, hobby. Because of this, I will always keep my price as low as I can while providing the best value possible. Manufacturing in China may be cheaper than other countries, but it is still very expensive for a single person to fund. The US manufacturing is exponentially more.

My knives are designed by me and put into production by various OEMs (specified on each product page)


The goal here is to deliver you, the knife enthusiast, the best value possible. If you have any input on my designs or decisions than please contact me. These products are for the community and I intend to listen to everyone's opinion in this community as if it were a close friend's. Thanks for reading, have a great day!

Pre-Order Info

As a small business that is just starting out we will need to be doing pre-orders for some models. The pre-order allows us to order the proper amount of what is desirable to the customers as well as simply being able to pay the manufacturer. When pre-ordering you will get a reduced "pre-order price" as well as ensuring you get your spot early.

Pre-order fulfillment times will vary depending on manufacturer and supply chain demand. Can be anywhere from three months to eight plus months. The specific time frame will be posted on the appropriate product page. Any action that we can take to avoid delays will be made, but delays are a rare possibility. 

Once a pre-order is placed there are no cancelations or refunds since the funds are used for me to place the production order for the knives. Once they arrive I will do a quality check, package them, and ship them out to you wonderful people.

Any extras will be placed on the website at the retail price via a drop.


Warranty and Legal Information

Bridgeport Knife Co does not promise warranty service, return, or refund. With that being said I am committed to making sure that every customer is well taken care of and is satisfied by our products. If any issues or questions arise feel free to email me at or message me on Instagram at @bridgeportknifeco and I will personally address your inquiry. It is extremely important to me that every customer is satisfied with their purchase.


Bridgeport Knife Co is not liable for any damage or injury sustained with our products. You are responsible for knowing your local laws and regulations regarding our products. BKC assumes that the buyer of our products are legally allowed to own and possess our products. Thank You.